Trigger Point Therapy (Myofascial Release Technique)

How Does Trigger Point Therapy Work?

Simply rubbing the surface of the skin with a massage lotion, a vibrating massager—or using heat—will not change the tissue of a single trigger point. What the tissue needs is sufficient deep sustained pressure to the "knotted-up area". As the trigger point is worked, the body will undergo soft tissue release, allowing for increased blood flow, reduction in muscle spasms, and the break-up of scar tissue. It will also help remove any build-up of toxic metabolic waste.

The body also undergoes a neurological release, reducing the pain signals to the brain and resetting the neuromuscular system to restore its proper function. In other words, everything will work the way it should again.

How Long it Takes to Get Relief

The length of time it takes to release a trigger point depends on several factors. One major factor is how long the patient has had their trigger point. Other factors include: the number of trigger points they have, how effective their current treatment is, and how consistently they receive treatment. Combining trigger point therapy with acupuncture and exercise protocols shortens the length of treatment time substantially.